Custom label water bottles come in a myriad of sizes, shapes, weights and qualities. You may design your very own custom label water bottles or you can hire a designer. You can explore what is out there right now, source some inspiration and use it to devise your own strategy. You can involve a branding expert if you wish the customization to have a profound impact on how your target market perceives your product.

You will have to involve an expert in custom label water bottles to work with all the precursors to manufacturing the bespoke packaging. Right from the material of the bottle to the kind of cap you would choose, the overall design or look and feel to the exact quality of the custom label–everything matters in the grander scheme of things.

You should always invest in quality custom label water bottles. You must have come across water bottles that have custom labels with clumsy fonts. You may have found some branding information, including trademarks, to be not so easily legible. There are many common and uncommon mistakes companies advertently and inadvertently make.

custom label water bottles

These can have short term and long term consequences, depending on how soon one rectifies the problems. Have you ever held a bottle of water in your hand only to have the label slip off? This is also common for some brands who simply do not invest enough in the adhesive. Some custom labels can get torn apart for no apparent reason, perhaps just the pressure of a grasp or sliding the bottle into a narrow pocket in your backpack.

Ordinarily, what happens to a label or the exact condition of the bottle after a consumer has purchased it and is happy with the main product, which is the water, should not matter. But these elements do play a role in branding and advertizing and there are indirect consequences. For instance, if your custom label water bottles are unrecognizable because the adhesive was weak and the label fell off, then people around the consumer who is using your product would not get to know about your company.

The consumer who is carrying your bottle would also think nothing extraordinary of you if the label falls off or the custom information is anything but relevantly elegant given your branding strategy. There are many subtle aspects of quality you should focus on while choosing custom label water bottles. The focus should be as much on aesthetics as on durability.